No, Really. No TV.

People look at you a little strange when you tell them you don't have TV. Seriously. No TV. We cancelled our satellite service about 9 months ago. We've opted to be TV-free at other times, too, like when our boys were small. Is it a coincidence, you think, that both my boys were early readers and still enjoy reading?

We never did watch that much TV to warrant the expense, for one thing. Oh, I like some of the old-fashioned kind of reality television....those things called "documentaries" and "nature" shows. Remember those? I know those are out of style now. I'm a big fan of "NOVA" and "The American Experience" on PBS. I can watch those right from I like classic films and anything with John Wayne in it. I can find a lot of that online, too, if I'm in the mood to watch. I don't miss having TV.

I read more. I write more. So far, I haven't been cleaning more, though I need to. Sweet Hubs and I talk more, about a lot more than just what to watch on TV or what we saw on TV. It's an interesting marital experience.

OK, I admit it isn't a perfect recipe for togetherness, because Sweet Hubs is in the other room on his laptop, looking at craigslist or something, while I'm cozied up in my jammies in bed.  Glass of wine, the mesmerizing glow of the computer screen and a qwerty keyboard.

But no TV.


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