A Day in the Life

I bumped into a former customer of mine. She said, "You're not at the insurance agency anymore! What are you doing now?"

If only I had been faster on my feet, I could have told her. This week, I've been
a librarian
a maid
race car driver
personal assistant
human GPS locator
dog trainer
booty call
movie critic
a redneck
and a wino.

AND an office manager!


The IN Crowd

On some level, everyone knows it: the key to any industry is knowing the jargon. You expect your electrician to know words like breaker, GFI, circuit, etc. And a doctor wouldn't seem very trustworthy if he said you have a bump on your noggin, instead of a mild concussion. Or something.

So now I'm in a new world. I worked for ten years in the insurance industry and learned that language. I worked 7 years in a plumbing supply house and learned that language, too. Now? Now I work for a propane utility company.

That means that we say things like, "Brian, can you do a gas odor for me?"

Yeah. It's a whole new world.

I missed it!

I only just realized that my blogiversary was a few weeks ago: I have been Contemplating Happiness for over 8 years now! Oh my!

I better get back to posting regularly. It would be a shame to let an 8 year relationship die on the vine.



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