Wine to Try

Oh. My. Holy. Lorna Doones!

I bought this wine at the Yolks supermarket in Sandpoint, Idaho (one of my favorite all-time grocers)...completely by accident! I was greedily scooping up all the Latah Creek Huckleberry D'Latah I could lay my grubby mitts on and also picked up all of the Maywine they had on the shelf.

At first, I was disappointed that I'd picked up some of the wrong thing. (Almost makes you want to reach for a tissue, doesn't it?). After all, I love their huckleberry wine: it's a little bit of Montana in a bottle to me and I try to haul as much of it home as I can. But then I opened a bottle of this accidental Maywine and my life was changed forever.

Well, OK. Maybe Latah Creek Maywine isn't exactly life-changing, but it is completely wonderful. It is sweet without being cloying, complex and still simple. This one ranks right up there with my favorite guzzles of all time. This is the wine you need to have in your glass if you're sitting on your summer porch in shorts and a tank top, watching the hummingbirds bicker over the feeder. It would also be the perfect wine for one of those sexy garden parties where everyone plays croquet and nibbles on cucumber sandwiches.

You can buy it from Amazon (full disclosure, I am an Amazon Associate), or you can call the winery in Spokane. Either way, please please PLEASE try some Maywine!

While you're buying, order some Huckleberry D'Latah, too!


Both of these lovely wines rate a total GUZZLE.

My disclaimer:
Bear in mind that no one connected with any of the wineries I might mention here knows who I am. Of course, if they appreciate what I have to say and want to forward along cases of wine, I won't mind. I won't hold my breath, waiting for that day, either. :-)

My rating system:
Sip: a nice wine, goes deliciously with (or IN) food. I enjoyed it.
Guzzle: my idea of a nice sociable wine. The kind of thing I am happy to drink out of cheap plastic cups, sitting around the campfire, or out of a cool stemless glass while enjoying the company of someone I care about.
White Elephant: it isn't like drinking kerosene, exactly, but does not suit my taste. I'll pass it along to someone who might like it. This rating will mean more to you if you agree with my Sip and Guzzle ratings!
Drain-O: this stuff could hurt someone, so I'll send it to the wastewater treatment plant, via the kitchen drain. Maybe it will disinfect the p-trap, while it's in there



There are no even measures in this life.

Does it really matter? The birth order, marital status, social status, employment status... who won the lottery, who waits tables? What does it matter? We're all trying to keep our balance in a shifting world.

I try to balance my desire to be successful and competent with my urge to live simple and be reclusive. I try to balance my urge to write and my urge to read. :-) How do I reconcile my desire to go, with the sure knowledge of how good I have it here? What disparate desires are you trying balance? I think we all have these inner battles.

I sit with my Mom in her care home, and I see the uneven measure of her present life. She is at once more herself than ever, unencumbered by social mores and polite filters, and yet she is slipping away from herself because those niceties and filters were always such an important part of her being. The proper woman she once was would be mortified by her present indignities, but dementia kindly lets her forget what would once have shamed her forever. There is no even measure to these trade-offs.

We don't always get what we deserve, and we don't always deserve what we get. If we are lucky and if we are wise, we can keep our balance on those shifting sands and learn to see the joy in what we have.

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