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Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at The Shubox about my advice to younger women. And I’m excited to welcome Lulo at Lucid Lotus Life to Contemplating Happiness:

I am so excited to welcome my first guest blogger! As part of The Ulitmate Blog Swap, I present (da-ta-ta-da...!!) Lulo at http://lucidlotuslife.com/ . I love her shoot-from-the-hip style. The topic was achieving happiness, since my blog is mainly interested in that. Lulo's fresh take on it made me smile and nod my head a lot. Thank's Lulo, for playing along!  Here's what she has to say about achieving happiness:

So yeah, happiness. I like it. Happiness is pretty dope. I have known some happy people. I have even been happy myself on occasion. It's pretty much the mission of all living beings from like birth, although what you or I might find a lovely and amazing bit o' happy is probably not in the same stratosphere as what Lady Gaga or the raccoon rooting around in your garbagio is on the lookout for. Although Lady Gaga and that raccoon might share an interest or two.

But how is a girl, or guy, to get her, or him, some? Eternal and question come to mind. Just what is the correct dose of this and that to fill 'er up the old heart and soul, to lift and separate them and make them perky as all get out? Check the list and get that head in the clouds.

10. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back - Do you watch House? Because if you don't then you really should. Because smart, funny, bad-ass screw-ups are hot. At least when they live inside your teevee for only an hour a week. But if you do, you already know that House gets through a miserable, pain filled existence only by being so intrigued by a case that every other issue is obliterated by the intense need to solve the case and assuage the curiosity. Find something that catches you up in it and time will literally disappear. (This writer is not to be held responsible should time not actually disappear)

9. Fever in the morning, fever all through the night - Get your mind out of the gutter. Or get it all up in the gutter. Pole dancing, reading obscure Russian science fiction, volunteering to carry homeless orphans with medical issues on your back ten miles to school every day in three feet of snow, blogging. It doesn't really matter what path your passion takes as long as there is a path. Something that gets your special bits all a tingle and that you would do, or do do (heh, do do), without any compensation except the (yep, I'm saying it) happy, happy, joy, joy of the act.

8. Don't Stop Believin' - You gotta believe that there is something greater than you out there. It can be God, science, your family, the universal connection of all human souls. Once again, the path doesn't matter as long as you have a path. We all need something to cling to when the lights get low and something to spiritually slap skins with during the awesomes that life can bring.

7. An Attitude of Gratitude - C'mon y'all, you've heard it a million. Thanks begets thanks. Change your attitude, change your life. It is one of those simple, not easy thangs that seem to be so plentiful in life. What is easy is saying/writing/tweeting/posting/texting three gratefuls a day to help uncover all of the awesome you already have lying around in the corners of your life just waiting for you to remember and fill you up with the old happy shinies.

6. Reach out and touch somebody's hand - Make this world a better place, if you can. Volunteering, random acts of kindness, and activism are all good ways to get out there and get you some of that sweet, sweet soul satisfaction. The warm and fuzzies are nothing to sneeze at. And they feel so nice against your skin.

5. Dream On - And on. And on. Reach those fingers right on up through the clouds and into the great abyss and dream until your dream comes true. Then get another dream. This is why we hop on the hamster wheel day after day. This is what hurls us into action. And getting our grubbies around the edges of those dreams, or dyin' tryin', is the bacon on the cheeseburger of life - it just puts it right over the top.

4. Just Dance - Or sing. Or fly a kite. Or play the ukulele(but only if you're truly awesome). Just make it light and take it breezy. Be silly, be weird, get all the wacky inside of you out. Let it sending you soaring head over heels, cattywampus like Fizzy Lifting Drink sent Charlie and Grandpa. Jump on the bed, blow bubbles, twirl until you fall in a heap. Laugh until you snort and then laugh some more. Life can be fun, make sure you're in on that action.

3. They call me the seeker - Of knowledge, that is. Continuing on the quest after all the years of school run out and you have to *gasp* work at an actual job, makes your mind strong like bull, sharp like tiger. And then there's the whole issue of zest. Which apparently is added to your life when you keep up with lifelong learning thang. Plus, you kick major boo-tay at trivia games. Which I heard can really increase your chances of getting an entirely different kind of boo-tay. Not really, but do it anyway.

2. The New Workout Plan - Oh yeah, it's the oldest of all the chestnuts for a reason. That reason be three fold. 1) It will amp up your self esteem in a major way because you will look different, feel different and act different. 2) Energy begets energy. Expend some at the gym and you will be rewarded with an extra boost to be used later for your own purposes. 3) You get a totally honest, and earned, high. All those endorphins are doing good, good things for you. And? Totes legal and consequence (read: hangover) free.

1. Two fine people should love each other - People are strange 'cause people need people. Rainy day people need shiny happy people. Power to the people - the short people, the party people, the everyday people. Up with people! What it all boils down to in this mad, mad world is going balls out for the stars and doing it alongside our very own peeps. Your mother, your brother, your other brothers sisters mother. Whoever would lift you up on their shoulders to give you a better chance at touching the moon - honor them, respect them and lift them right up there too. Because people who have people are super dee duper lucky, yo. And I consider myself lucky because I have Y-O-U.

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It's about passion. You knew that, right? Passion for life, for people, for self-expression...passion for joy.

Passion is what makes me go brush my teeth and "fluff the girls" before my husband comes home. It's what makes me really pay attention to the people I see. I love the unexpected things they do. Passion is why I keep a blog, and why I'm writing another novel (the sequel). I love to write and if I don't make time to write, it starts chafing at me. Like a grumbling stomach or being very sleepy, the need to write is physical. Passion is what gives you the added patience with your children. It's why you can answer "Why?" a bazillion times a day, and how you can love them so very much, even when they are impossible. At least, that's how it was for me.

Passion is what makes me stop in my tracks at a beautiful sunset or a hummingbird at the feeder. I got to hold a new baby the other day; passion is why I simply HAD to smell his hair, and why it was hard to give him back.

The thing that makes life so delectable is the passion you feel for it. Enormous pleasures lie in the little moments. All we have to do is dedicate ourselves to discovering the passion.

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