At a business function yesterday, one man said that he knew where every woman in the room would be very early this morning.

Blank look. ???

Oh, it's the Royal Wedding? Who gives a rat's patootie? Sorry. Not me.



It took a lot of courage for me to post a recent picture of myself on my profile. Why? I don't know the answer to that. I dislike having my picture taken. As in despise, hate and detest. Why? I don't know that either. I'm quite comfortable in my own skin, and yet I dislike pictures of myself. I resist having a picture of me shown anywhere. Posting that profile photo made me feel BRAVE, and a little ridiculous.

Maybe it's the desire to get on a soapbox and yet be non-confrontational. You can do that so much more easily if you are anonymous. LOL. (Can anybody tell me the origin of the phrase, "get on your soapbox"? I'm curious where that came from.)

But there I am. Gray eyes, fair skin and fine hair. My oily skin has kept the wrinkles at bay pretty well, and the occasional ZIT contributes to an illusion of youth. And then you see my elbows and my age is quite apparent.

I'm a girly girl who like dresses and stilettos, and yet I can pluck a chicken and I can shoot straight.
I'm a country girl who likes the symphony and Hank Williams, too. I'm opinionated and judgemental, but patient. I can be tolerant past the point of reason, and I can be jump to a conclusion like a gold medalist. I love my children with all of my being, but I might not be that crazy about your kids. I want to have my novels published by a traditional press, but I don't want to ever speak in public. I strive for wisdom and compassion, and consistently find myself falling short on both counts. So I keep trying.



My First Award

(****applause, applause, applause****)

With many thanks to Jeri Lynne at the Knight Life, whose blog I just discovered and decided I LOVE,
I have been given my first blogging award!  Yay, me! OK, yay Jeri Lynne for giving it to me, but anyway, COOL BEANS!
To accept this award, I am supposed to: post it! Give my nominator a little sugar (mwwahhh!)! Tell you seven things about myself:
  1. I'd choose a bag of potato chips over a birthday cake any day.
  2. I have a strong urge to get a puppy. I can't get a puppy, but I want one anyway.
  3. Autumn is my favorite season.
  4. Sometimes, I snore.
  5. I haven't vacuumed my SUV since I bought it.
  6. I love my job, but I wish it was in Montana.
  7. My Chicken and Dumplings will knock your socks off.
And, last, I get to bestow this fun and fabulous award on 15 other bloggers I love! Fun, fun, fun! Please check them out now!
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Visit these wonderful bloggers today, and tell them I said, "Hi!".



Spring in Arizona. Time for capricious weather, breezy days, warm afternoons and POLLEN. Great clouds of yellow juniper pollen. People all over town are wearing a fetching shade of red around their noses, from the constant wiping. The companies that make Puffs and Kleenex have probably taken all the money they're making from us and thrown on the office floor to roll around in. Naked. And the woman who invented Zyrtec? We're nominating her for a Nobel Sneeze Prize.

Our cars have a yellow film of pollen. Our trash cans are full, but light because they're just full of tissues. But we love spring anyway. Tulips are in full bloom and the fruit trees are blossoming, too.

It makes me want to clean. And bake. And buy Easter candy. I love the joyous feeling of renewal that comes with spring and Easter. Each New Year seems like a chance to start over, and hopefully not repeat mistakes of the past; spring feels like a chance to liven up, rekindle your passion, freshen your environment and make things happen. After you're done sneezing, of course.

Last night, in a fit of spring excitement, I started on the sequel to my book. The story idea has been churning around in my brain for a while now: an unformed mess of fragments. When I leave it to ferment a while, it almost seems to organize itself into a sensible, connected series of thoughts. That's a great place to start writing. So I did. It took me 2.5 years to finish the first novel. I don't know what to expect on this one, except that if I didn't get started, it probably wouldn't get done, right? I think I've heard that somewhere before.

The other thing that spring brings to my house is a shedding dog. Oh. My. Heavens. You never saw such a shedding machine as my old blue dog. Every year she sheds enough that I could gather up the fur and knit another dog just like her. She looks like she has some crazy case of Mange. Huge chunks of fluffy blue undercoat swirl around on the spring breeze all over our yard. It migrates into the house (she's an outside dog), it packs up in her favorite napping spot like a felt bath mat. When she sits and looks at you, she is surrounded by her own fur floating around her like a nimbus. It's probably in the neighbor's yards downwind and I bet they're wondering where the hell all the blue fur is coming from.

And guess what? Dog fur makes me sneeze. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? :-)

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