My First Award

(****applause, applause, applause****)

With many thanks to Jeri Lynne at the Knight Life, whose blog I just discovered and decided I LOVE,
I have been given my first blogging award!  Yay, me! OK, yay Jeri Lynne for giving it to me, but anyway, COOL BEANS!
To accept this award, I am supposed to: post it! Give my nominator a little sugar (mwwahhh!)! Tell you seven things about myself:
  1. I'd choose a bag of potato chips over a birthday cake any day.
  2. I have a strong urge to get a puppy. I can't get a puppy, but I want one anyway.
  3. Autumn is my favorite season.
  4. Sometimes, I snore.
  5. I haven't vacuumed my SUV since I bought it.
  6. I love my job, but I wish it was in Montana.
  7. My Chicken and Dumplings will knock your socks off.
And, last, I get to bestow this fun and fabulous award on 15 other bloggers I love! Fun, fun, fun! Please check them out now!
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Visit these wonderful bloggers today, and tell them I said, "Hi!".

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