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Potato Bread Will Never Fail Ya

Ah, Potato Bread! The surest way I know to win friends and influence people. They will fall under the spell of your homemade potato bread, slathered in a good butter, their eyes will roll blissfully upward and you can just feel their love and admiration pulsing in your direction.

No. Seriously.

I make a lot of different styles of potato bread, but this one is the most reliable. Even if you don't know thing one about making bread, if you have a solid stand mixer, this recipe will give you two big loaves of fabulous bread. It rises only once in the bowl and once after shaped, so it can be on your table pretty quickly for homemade bread. It keeps better than any non-sourdough bread I know of, too! 

Leftovers reheat beautifully, make amazing toast, garlic bread, French toast, croutons, or the grilled-tomato bread that makes my heart pound. Please, please try it today.

You really do need a stand mixer, though. I don't think any of us are strong enough to do this one by hand. If you can…

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