A Good Deed Is Just A Few Clicks Away

This post from "Learning From Dogs" came my way a few days ago and I want to share it with you.

The author of the post lost a beloved dog recently. Right after that, he found out that a local animal rescue organization is competing in the Pepsi Refresh Project for a grant. You can find the rescue, Tara's Babies, here.... or you can click here to vote for them in the Project. You can vote every day! They're in the running, folks, and they do a lot of good in our little world.

I am a big believer in choosing rescue dogs. There are so many, many, many lovable dogs out there who need a home. Our family's first dog came from the Payson Humane Society. She was a little black puppy, half Labrador Retriever and half Cocker Spaniel. She was a real treasure. She was patient with our babies when they came along, she was sweet-tempered and anxious to please. She loved to sit next my Sweet Hubs in the front seat of the truck and put her head on his shoulder like a girlfriend. Even when she was old and arthritic, deaf as a post and nearly as blind, she never so much as growled at anyone. We miss her still.

We had one dog, Sydney, who was also a treasure. She was killed in a tragic accident one August Saturday, and we, in our grief, went to the Humane Society again. We came home with two dogs and a cat. We brought home a tiny, starving, red-coated puppy who had just been brought in, and a grown girl who was Labrador Retriever mixed with something, and a brown tiger kitten.  The Payson Humane Society is great. I dare not go back. LOL.

Our current dog, the blue Australian Cattle Dog with whom I struggle for the title "dominant female", was not a rescue dog. Maybe that's why we struggle. I'm telling you, the gratitude and instant love that the rescue dogs show is boundless and very telling. Many of them have had a less-than-wonderful life, and you may have to convince them that you aren't going to dump them in the woods somewhere. Some of them are just so glad to have a home that they'll turn themselves inside-out trying to please you.

Don't buy a dog at the mall, please. Go to your local animal shelter. Or look at Tara's Babies website and meet your next best friend.

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