Ground Meat Marathon

Doing something new here, folks. Vegans: best to go visit another blog today.

My family put THREE elk in the freezer this year. After you take the good steaks, roasts and stew meat out, there is an amazing amount of ground meat.  An astonishing amount of ground meat. An appalling amount of ground meat!

I figured it out the other day, and I think I have prepared (in my almost 26 years of cooking game meat) somewhere around 4000 dinners just out of ground meat. Welcome to my life. Now, try not to get too excited, but I'm going to try and share some of the thrill with you. I'm going to do my level best to write a quick post every time I make a ground-meat dinner (just for a while--don't be scared), and share with you the joy and excitement of trying to think up something to do with the same old stuff.  So let me catch you up:

Saturday, I made little individual meat loaves, with Italian seasonings.  When they were done, I topped them with mozzeralla and baked until the cheese was brown and bubby.  Funny.  It still tasted like meatloaf.

Sunday, I made a jillion tiny meatballs, adding a chipotle pepper in the usual mix for kick.  Browned well, and meanwhile I made a sort of a bordelaise sauce.  I say "sort of" because there wasn't any bordelaise in it.  A shallot, garlic, sauteed in butter.  Lots of black pepper, some thyme, parsley and beef stock, thickened to a sauce. No bordelaise because I'm the only one in my house who likes wine.  That's ok, I'll just drink it straight instead of turning it into gravy.  Instead, I added morel mushrooms, and served the saucy meatballs over egg noodles.

Tonight?  I haven't decided yet.

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