Why blog?

I've always believed in changing myself by changing how I think. By nature, I am a cheerful and even-tempered person. Every once in a while, however, little things start to pile up on me and I feel out of sorts and grumpy. So I've set myself the task of improving my disposition, which has been pretty gray lately, by focusing on the joy. Today I start.

There's a million quotes out there about attaining happiness. Everyone from Thomas Jefferson to Gandhi had something to say about it. My own Grandmother was far wiser on the subject than anyone else I could name. She had a talent for--or maybe a will to--look for the joy in the everyday things and derive her happiness from that. She was an amazing and inspiring woman and I will surely visit her often in this blog.

Today I start. I'm going to focus on all the many joys in my life and turn away from the irritants and disappointments. Today I start.

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