Three trees

Across the parking lot stands three trees of different kinds. I can see them when I go to use the fax. I'm not good with the varieties of trees, so all I can say is they are deciduous trees, fully leafed out now that it's summer.

It's been a windy year so far and I detest wind. But I love the way these three trees move in the wind. One of them is darker green than the others and when the wind blows across it, it waves in smooth undulations like a green sheet drying on the line.

One tree has many long, skinny leaves lined up on thin branches and it makes the wind look like it's blowing very hard. That tree moves a lot at any little breeze.

The third tree has roundish leaves that are green on one side and nearly gray on the other. It dances in the wind in a way that makes it look like it is shimmering. The branches hardly move, but the leaves twist and shake on their stems.

It is lovely to see these three dancing outside the window. I mind the wind a little less because of them. Part of what makes them so pretty and interesting to me is that, alone, each is really just a tree. But standing together and being different from each other, makes each one beautiful for its difference. They make me think about people I know with some of those same qualities.

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