The Dig

If Arizona were to have our own Mount Vesuvius tomorrow, what would some future archaeologist think when she dug up my house? 
I have been told that I have a redonkulous number of utensils.
Salt (in the red bowl), pepper mill, olive oil and chili-infused olive oil,
and a jar full of Bigelow teas.
I've heard some pretty far-out theories about what ancient objects did or symbolized. Once I heard a guy on PBS say that the comb they had unearthed, which was carved into a stylized bird, meant that the culture worshiped birds. Just because somebody smoothed her hair with a comb shaped like a bird? C'mon, now, really!
An Arizona Coues' Whitetail deer skull.
A favorite wine.
Just for fun, today, imagine you are that future scientist. What would you surmise about the people who lived with these artifacts? These are all pictures of my actual home, or web pictures of something that is in my home. Comments about the disorder of my pantry are not required. Believe me, I NOTICED it.

Tell me what the daily life of those people might be like, or pick one object and tell me what significance it had for the owner. For extra credit, make up some completely different use for one or more of the objects.
No pots on my pot shelf. A light that runs along behind
the (naturally shed) elk antlers makes this look really cool at night.

Bols genever (gin) bottles. They look just like my Auntie and Uncle.
Half my collection of condiments, seasonings, vinegars, dressings, etc. etc.
A memento from our honeymoon.
Tigger looks pretty good for nearly 30.
He's hardly aged a day.
No picture of my house would be complete with the object of
my burning Kitchenaid. Love my Kitchenaid.
A second crock full of utensils. I may have a problem. You might see
me on the special utensil-addict edition of Hoarders?
My shoes. I admit it: they go all the way back under the hanging
things on both sides. Girl's gotta have shoes.

My dresser. Look close: jewelry boxes, old photographs.
A basket of bracelets and one of assorted junk. Wedding photo,
photo album and a Sunday Missal. Plus a flashlight. And dust.
Where it all happens. The games, the dinners, the writing,
family "discussions". I love the triangle design of the table,
but the designers put grooves in the damn thing. I spend my
life sweeping crumbs out of those stupid grooves.
On the wall in my bedroom. The crucifix
on the left is a family heirloom, supposedly
of Civil War vintage. The one on the right
belonged my Dad. Spiders in my house
can often be found building their homes
right there with Jesus.
Don't YOU have an elephant under your potted plants?
An antique wagon with dog toys in it.
And an assortment of computer cables.
Two of the six pantry shelves. They all look as messy as this. :-(

I can't explain.
Our little coffee station.
Why does she lay like this? Oh, I know....because it cracks me up!

Have fun! I can't wait to read your comments!

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