5-Minute Drive

It's only about 5 minutes from my home to my office. Driving home yesterday, happy it was Friday, I came up over the hill beyond which is my street. From that hill, the view is beautiful. The Mogollon Rim stretches out in panorama, with many hills before it.

That time of day, the sun angles promisingly downward. It's hot this time of year, and the lengthening shadows point the way to the cool of evening. I am so blessed to live in such a pretty place. The trees are tall here, ponderosa pines mostly, and the way they smell, even in summer, is heaven.

I wonder sometimes about the people who live on that hill and have that amazing view. Obviously, the homes were built there to take advantage of the view. Do they stop noticing the beauty after a time, and take it for granted? I hope not. I doubt very much that they do. One of the things about a view of the mountains is how ever-changing they are.

We had a great view when I was a child. Every window of our mountain-top home had something wonderful to look at. Even as a kid, I appreciated the view. I don't care for King Vitamin breakfast cereal anymore, but I have never outgrown the love of a beautiful view.

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