Patsy Cline has been singing to me in my car. The clarity of her voice as she anguishes through “Crazy” is just lovely. If I were going to imagine the voice of an angel, I might think of Alison Krauss (OK, I definitely would think of her.) If it were to be a boy angel (do angels have genders?), I’d think of Vince Gill, or maybe Jim Reeves. But if I were to imagine the voice of Venus, it’d have to be Patsy. That woman knew how to sing passion.

I wonder what I’m doing in MY life to show passion. I don’t have a voice like Patsy’s. I can’t paint or sculpt or act. The things I am passionate about are small—meaningful to me, but not great earth-shaking kinds of things. I think I need to put more effort into letting my passion for even those small things show.

What am I passionate about? My family, certainly. My marriage is one of my top-two priorities. We hit rough patches like anyone else, but I promised to love him and honor him until I die. I'm hoping I live a while yet, so I want to be sure that the years ahead are happy and content for both of us.

It’s a driving force in my life to bring to adulthood healthy, well-rounded, respectful, balanced citizens. I think those four things are key to happy success in life. I am passionate about keeping a comfortably clean home that is a joy to return to, for both my family and for me.

Mostly, my passion is to try to be the best, wisest and happiest person I can be. Every day, I think again about how to do that. I struggle with my flaws, try to forgive myself for them and correct them, and try to see the lessons behind the events in my life.

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