Wine to Try - Giani Chillable Cabernet


Here is another red for you to consider!

I picked this one up at our local wine and liquor store. It is the priciest of the wines we've talked about so far: I think I paid about $15 for this one.

Some of you serious wine aficionados might find the very idea offensive: it's a chillable Cabernet.

It, in this case, is Giani Chillable Cabernet.

I might as well admit it right now. I only like wine cold, even the ones that are supposed to be served more at room temperature. I chill all wine, and I don't care who knows it. So I don't really care that this is a "chillable cab" I would have chilled it anyway.That said, this was a very pleasant wine. It has that rich, full flavor that makes reds so seductive, but is also quite gentle on the frail palate of a lightweight.

I think this would be the perfect wine for flannel pajamas and a good classic movie like "An Affair to Remember". Not suitable for guzzling, in my opinion, but a fabulous, full-on SIP.

My disclaimer:
Bear in mind that no one connected with any of the wineries I might mention here knows who I am. Of course, if they appreciate what I have to say and want to forward along cases of wine, I won't mind. I won't hold my breath, waiting for that day, either. :-)

My rating system:
Sip: a nice wine, goes deliciously with (or IN) food. I enjoyed it.
Guzzle: my idea of a nice sociable wine. The kind of thing I am happy to drink out of cheap plastic cups, sitting around the campfire, or out of a cool stemless glass while enjoying the company of someone I care about.
White Elephant: it isn't like drinking kerosene, exactly, but does not suit my taste. I'll pass it along to someone who might like it. This rating will mean more to you if you agree with my Sip and Guzzle ratings!
Drain-O: this stuff could hurt someone, so I'll send it to the wastewater treatment plant, via the kitchen drain. Maybe it will disinfect the p-trap, while it's in there.

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