Wine to Try - Alice White Lexia

Let's talk about another white. This one has been difficult for me to find in my area, so I often hunt it up special when we go to The Big City. I found it the first time at my local grocery store and never saw it there again. This, I must tell you, is totally unfair. I intend to write a strongly worded letter to the wine department manager. When I get around to it.

Alice White Lexia is an Australian wine, and it is deeeeeeeeelicious. They have at least two other varieties that I've seen, Red Lexia and Lexia Moscato, and those are yummy too but the straight Lexia is my favorite of the three.

If you can find it in your usual wine haunt, it is totally worth the modest price. Lexia is a sweet wine and would be wonderful with something like a spinach salad with pears and feta? It would also be a terrific wine for a girl's night in, while you paint your nails and watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" again. Also suitable for "You've Got Mail". I think I would also like this to sip while I wear my new dress for the party:

SANGRIA NEW Orange Satin Sleeveless Party Cocktail Dress 14 BHFO Alice White Lexia is both a Sip and a Guzzle. Total fave.

And won't this dress look fabulous with a glass of Lexia in my silver-bedecked hand?

My disclaimer:
Bear in mind that no one connected with any of the wineries I might mention here knows who I am. Of course, if they appreciate what I have to say and want to forward along cases of wine, I won't mind. I won't hold my breath, waiting for that day, either. :-)

My rating system:
Sip: a nice wine, goes deliciously with (or IN) food. I enjoyed it.
Guzzle: my idea of a nice sociable wine. The kind of thing I am happy to drink out of cheap plastic cups, sitting around the campfire, or out of a cool stemless glass while enjoying the company of someone I care about.
White Elephant: it isn't like drinking kerosene, exactly, but does not suit my taste. I'll pass it along to someone who might like it. This rating will mean more to you if you agree with my Sip and Guzzle ratings!
Drain-O: this stuff could hurt someone, so I'll send it to the wastewater treatment plant, via the kitchen drain. Maybe it will disinfect the p-trap, while it's in there.

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