Wine to Try - Cupcake Vineyards' Red Velvet

Let's talk about another luscious red wine: Cupcake Vineyards' Red
VelvetI picked this one up at World Market, but it happens to be on sale right now at my local Safeway supermarket. It's hard to resist a wine named "cupcake", which is strange since (I was recently told) I am immune to sweets. But nobody makes a Frito wine, so cupcake will have to do.
We enjoyed this bottle with friends. We nibbled on cheese and crackers, Christmas toffee, elk salami and an assortment of nuts and nosh. We also laughed a lot, and I bet the wine contributed some to that. It is a sweeter red, very rich with layers of flavor. This would be a wonderful wine to enjoy with chocolate and fruit. I think I'll pick up another bottle to share with Risa: it's exactly her kind of wine. Red Velvet is a perfect Christmas wine, but don't put it in such a small category. This would be wonderful for any special occasion (Valentine's Day!!) or for ordinary wino days. I rate it a complete GUZZLE.
My disclaimer:
Bear in mind that no one connected with any of the wineries I might mention here knows who I am. Of course, if they appreciate what I have to say and want to forward along cases of wine, I won't mind. I won't hold my breath, waiting for that day, either. :-)

My rating system:
Sip: a nice wine, goes deliciously with (or IN) food. I enjoyed it.
Guzzle: my idea of a nice sociable wine. The kind of thing I am happy to drink out of cheap plastic cups, sitting around the campfire, or out of a cool stemless glass while enjoying the company of someone I care about.
White Elephant: it isn't like drinking kerosene, exactly, but does not suit my taste. I'll pass it along to someone who might like it. This rating will mean more to you if you agree with my Sip and Guzzle ratings!
Drain-O: this stuff could hurt someone, so I'll send it to the wastewater treatment plant, via the kitchen drain. Maybe it will disinfect the p-trap, while it's in there

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