Even when you try to live your life from a position of gratitude, joy and balance, bad days happen.

Things can line up in such a way that your find yourself tempted to Google "How to cuss in 12 languages", because the profanity you know isn't quite enough to adequately capture your frustration.

This was one of those days. Work continued to pile up in my in-box, where it languished with plenty of time to hang out in there and make babies, while I struggled to get IT problems solved so that I could actually tackle that work. Systems dropped off, one by one and cuss words popped up at a matching rate.

So, how to impart upon others your own sense of urgency? How to convince someone 1100 miles away that distance does not lessen the priority of the problem? How to make a customer understand that, without the computer, we are not able to answer that question?

The thing that really causes the frustration, though? It was all preventable. Some proactive attention in the first place would have prevented that first domino from being knocked over, hence knocking down all the others.

But I have a great team who kept their good cheer throughout the crisis. I have a boss that let me vent.

Most important of all, maybe? I have a husband who is always my soft place to land. I have a 12 pack of Heineken and a hot tub and the good sense to use them.

Tomorrow, it's going to be a better day!

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