Chill, Just Chill

Ohhhhh, I'm nervous.

So nervous.

This business of moving across the country! It is not for the faint of heart! My Sweet Hubs and I are having dinner tonight with a crowd of people, only two of whom I've even met!

Ugh. Dinner with new people. A bunch of them, even. We met up with a nice couple for a wine tasting thing a couple of weeks ago, and it was just us and them, so that was OK, even though it was scary. But sitting at a table crowded with people I've never met? That's very scary.

Moving to a new place means meeting new people all the time. I am not a naturally outgoing, at-my-ease kind of person. So going to this dinner is damn near terrifying, even though I KNOW I do need to meet people. So I'm trying to chill. Just chill.

And it's an expensive restaurant, too. (I checked out the menu online.) The host is having something like 10-14 dinner guests at this expensive restaurant. That's a pickle, too! If I order the cheapest thing on the menu, it kinda tells the host that I am more worried about his money than he is. Plus, I'm not a very big eater, so I can almost never finish all of a restaurant portion. Will it look icky if I ask for a go-box?

Eeesh. I can already feel my guts twisting in nervous knot.

Chill, girl. Just CHILL!

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