A New Default

I knew that I was pretty good at solving problems. At least, I'm pretty good at coming up with possible, plausible solutions to try. 

For many years now, I have been building my identity and my work life around this skill. It became my habit to look around me all the time for those things that required attention: to anticipate problems before they happened, to correct existing issues and make positive progress.

So what to do when there are no major problems to solve?

I am learning how to sit.

Be still.


Don't analyze, speculate, hypothesize or quantify.

Live now, in this moment, without having to be concerned about how this can be fixed. 

And I am not struggling to know what to DO with myself and my energies. I am merely resetting my drive to a new default state: the one I had years ago. The state of mind I enjoyed when my children were small and I could sit on the floor and play with them and simply enjoy the wonder of them. 

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