A Few Things I Love

I am learning about the wonders of sprouted wheat flour. The increased nutrition and bio-availability of sprouted grain is very interesting.

So I bought some. Yes, it's spendy compared to regular flour, but I've been adding some sprouted wheat flour to my regular bread baking and I love the result! If you include it in a sourdough recipe, don't let the dough ferment too long, though. Sprouted wheat flour has a natural mild sweetness to it that I think would be great in a tortilla. I intend to try that soon.

Latah Creek Winery isn't very far from here and I am enjoying trying their wines as they become available in the tiny local market. This is one I am watching for!

They sell this product at a local gift shop and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! All the varieties smell great, but the Grapefruit Blossom Honey is my fave!

I also want to try their hair care line!

I wrote in an earlier post that I have been skipping foundation lately and going with just coconut oil and powder. For a person with extra-oily skin, it seems like it makes NO sense to put oil on my face, but somehow it works. I wonder now if my skin wasn't overcompensating for Arizona dryness and my zealous face washing? Anyway, it works great for me!

Plus this:

Then all I have to do is use a little coverup on any blemishes I might occasionally get. Of course, I do use coconut oil in a lot of my cooking, too, but that could be a post all on it's own!

Speaking of cooking:

This is the mustard I referred to in my post on Homemade Mustard:

And I can't leave the four-legged family members out of this post...

I ordered these for my puppy, which is strange since he's plenty happy eating pinecones and deer poop, but nevertheless, he loves them. AND the much-pickier Chloe loves them, too. She prefers the duck ones to any other. Rooster Cogburn likes all the flavors, and the bag they come in, too.

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