Antler Basket

Done! This one is for my Sweet Hubs. That is a tiny Coues' Whitetail shed antler. How cute is that?

For those of my readers who have been following a while, or have been to my home, you'll know that eventually I would have to try to make a basket with an antler in it. Mom thought, when I was expecting, that my babies might be born with antlers. I sure am glad she was wrong about that. OUCH!

Antlers are cool. Deer and elk shed them every year and grow a new set. Every. Year. People like my honey go out and find the shed antlers. We use them. Sometimes he sells them. Always, he admires them. You'll find them in our house (at varying times, maybe) as decorations, handles, napkin rings, wine racks, towel bars, light fixtures, a Christmas tree... and now this:

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