An Award!

Yes! Doing the happy dance and making little squeaking noises while I do! Contemplating Happiness has been given an award! Cynthia at Commonplace Crazy called ME a "blog you should read". Hot Buttered Sweetbreads! She also called me quirky, in a nice way, of course. I love being called quirky. It's a lot better than the way my coworkers have called me "the spelling police". 

The most fun of all? I don't even have to embarrass myself by revealing any of my dark, shameful or quirky secrets. I don't have to pass it on to 15 other bloggers on pain of having my nipples turn green and fall off. I get to just sit back and bask in the warm rays of a compliment. Ahhh.

I love Cynthia's blog. Her husband, The Hillbilly, is a regular contributor and she is a English teacher, no less! My favorite kind! Most of the really encouraging things I've heard in my life have come from English teachers. 

I'm telling you, folks: this is a couple I can easily imagine sitting around the campfire with, sipping red wine out of plastic cups and telling hilarious stories. Please step on over to Commonplace Crazy and see who else Cynthia likes to read. 

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