Vacations Versus Real Life

I just spent two beautiful weeks in my own personal paradise. What a blessing! I live in a lovely little town, with tall trees and beautiful views. But our vacation home....now that's heaven! Gorgeous weather, amazing views, tons of wildlife. And water. Yes, here in the Southwest, we might call it a river, but that doesn't mean it contains water. It only means that it did in the past, and may on occasion, contain water.

But in the Inland Northwest, they have this blue, cool, wet stuff in ALL of the creeks, rivers and lakes. It's amazing. You know what else is amazing? If you leave a bag of bread open for half an hour, it is still bread and not melba toast. But if you leave a bag of chips open, you don't have chips anymore.

Laugh if you want to, but this is an absolute phenomena to anyone who has lived all or most of their life in arid country. Ginger snaps don't snap anymore. Huh. Who knew? My skin looked better and younger, and the curl in my hair started to show again. It wasn't humid where we were, but neither was it dry. The wonders of a little moisture in the air.

The slower pace and relaxed life of the little town near our vacation home is deeply appealing to me. Now that our cabin is nearly finished, the pull to move there is even stronger. I love the beauty of the place, and the serenity of it. Sitting on my own porch, overlooking the lake and waiting for deer to walk by is what dreams are made of.

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