Mom's Chicken Stock

Our oldest son is home on leave. It is his intention to eat up all the home-cooking foods he loves before he has to go back to army chow. Tied for first place in his list is Chicken and Dumplings and Chicken Tetrazzini. I discovered last night that, in teaching him how to make those, I had failed to teach him my basic chicken stock. I learned it from my Mom, who is an awesome cook, and it is different than the ones in my cookbooks. Thought I'd share. :-)

In a large dutch oven, brown on one side: a cut up whole chicken, thighs or quarters in a little olive oil. Brown it well...you want that carmelized skin on one side. Remove the pieces, now brown a quartered onion (washed but not peeled) on one side. Add 4 or 5 stalks of celery (include leaves), 4 or 5 carrots (washed but not peeled) and several cloves of garlic. Saute all together until you start getting brown edges on the veggies.

Return the chicken to the pot and fill the pot to within a couple inches of full with cold water. Use cold! Simmer until the chicken nearly falls off the bones. It's important to leave the veggies unpeeled and to brown only one side. Brown both sides and it will taste more like gravy. Peel the veggies and you'll have a mild, clear broth, not a good solid STOCK.

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