The Fine Art of Giving

I have a dear friend who really knows how to give. Don't get me wrong, she isn't a wealthy philanthropist....she just knows how to give. She makes me think about what it means to be a giving person.

My beloved Dad taught us certain things about giving. An act of charity must not wound the pride of the recipient, for one thing. To do it right, we must find a way to help a person without taking away their dignity. Also, when we do some charitable thing, shut up about it! To go around and crow about something we did is to take away the goodness of the act. And if there is no effort in the giving, then the reward is also going to be small. If giving doesn't require some quality of effort or difficulty, then it is a small gift.

My friend knows all of these and takes it to heart. She throws all of herself into what she does, gives with humility and compassion, and then looks for someone else who needs help instead of announcing to the world what she just did. I admire this very much.

I go to her house and she makes me feel as welcome as the sunrise. She comes to my house and offers her help in such a way as to make me feel like I'm doing HER the favor.

Some people are fine artists, others can sing. Some people set world records in sports and some people have the midas touch. But my friend has what may be the greatest gift of all: she knows how to give.

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