We have a dream. Yes, I have my own dreams, and he has his. But we also have a dream together. If you are a married couple and don't have a dream together, you really ought to run right out and get one. Having a shared dream to talk about, plan for, work towards and see's something very special.

Buying our first home brought us together in a sense of responsible adulthood. Having our children joined us as parents, a united front trying to make sure that we were always one jump ahead of the little guys. Losing loved ones brought us together in yet another way. Shared pain has a way of doing that. Sickness added another measure of bond, showing us for the first time how much we needed each other.

Having a common dream adds a whole new level to that marital bond. For one thing, we ALWAYS have something to talk about! Let me caution you, though....if you're both passionate about the dream, those talks can get a little warm sometimes. But weather the's worth it. If you fight about money, start working on that dream. It helps to put all your spending into perspective.

You will learn to compromise at a whole new level. Clearly, you will both have somewhat different visions of that dream. Finding a way to incorporate both visions into the whole is an excellent exercise in giving and taking. And creatively compromising, at that.

Young couples, pay attention! Talk about your dreams. Find one that the two of you can share. Nurture it, talk about it and work towards. You'll never be sorry.

What I See--Alita

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