Grandmas are forever

An email buddy said it made her a little sad to see her granddaughters growing up. She was afraid they'd grow up and not need Grandma anymore. I said "Baloney!" We always need our Grandmas! My own Grandmothers are waiting for me on the other side, now, but I think of them every day. The lessons they taught me were the lessons only a grandmother could give. I cherish their memories. They taught me:

You're never too old to be cool and you're never too young to be wise.

How to cook smelts. Yep. Not everyone can cook smelts, but I can. Thanks, Grandma!

We don't always see the ones we love with clear eyes.

You can be graceful under pressure, sweet when you're in pain, and you can exercise patience, even when you're in a hurry.

Children are beautiful, simply by virtue of being children. Knowing a child is a way to experience the wonder, all over again, through another's eyes.

Be grateful for all that we have. It may not be much by our society's standards, but compared to 99% of the world, we live in the lap of luxury. And be grateful, too, because it can all be gone in a blink.

Keep learning. Keep laughing. That's what will keep you young, no matter how old you get.

Love knows no boundaries. Distance, disappointment and death make no difference.

Thinking about the task ahead can be scarier than just jumping in and doing it.

Rock music isn't all that bad.

Listen to other people. Listen to your own heart. The wisdom of the ages lies somewhere between these two.

God judges us on our actions and our intentions. Shout "I'm a Christian" all you want, but if God can't see it in your heart or in your hands, you're just making wind.

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