Day 4 of a 10-Day Challenge

How are you doing on your 10-Day Challenge?

This is Day 4 for me, and I think it's going well. Here are a few tools I've been using to help me:

  • I spend my driving time enumerating the good things in my life, or the things I love about Sweet Hubs, or all the things my puppy has learned--- good things he's learned, that is! 
  • I take a few minutes each day to really LOOK around me. Look at the beauty of the lake and try to figure out what color it is, which is indescribably beautiful in the early morning.
  • I am rededicating myself to something I have always preached: to be grateful for
    • the dirty dishes in the sink, because they mean that I didn't go hungry.
    • the hamper full of laundry, which means I have plenty of clothes to wear.
    • the challenge of fitting a quart of half-and-half in the refrigerator: it is full of good, wholesome food which I can afford to buy plenty of and what I choose.
    • the times of slow internet speed: it is still faster than the encyclopedia!
    • a puppy who is healthy enough to run away from me when I'm trying to get my shoe back, and enough shoes that I can wear a different pair to chase him in. (OK, I have trouble seeing anything to be grateful about on that one, but I'm trying!)
    • the job that gives me autonomy to do my own work my own way, and the income to do pretty much what I want with the rest of my time.
    • the sweet, absent-minded whistle of a whistling husband: I am so happy that he is here with me to make that sound and that I am well and here to hear it.
    • This could go on all day.
The blessing in life are too many to count, but I will continue to try to spend more energy noticing them than noticing the troubles.

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