The Gardener-A Modern Retelling of an Old Fable

Once there was a man who loved watermelon. He looked forward to summer's watermelon all year long. So one day, he decided to grow his own watermelons.

But he didn't want to wait for summer, so he planted radishes. Several times each day he would go out to his garden and tell the radish patch about what amazing watermelons would soon be growing. He dreamed of watermelons, he gave the little radish plants a pep talk every day about growing up to become watermelons.No matter how much he encouraged, scolded, pleaded and promised, the radish plants refused to become watermelons.

That was the old part of the fable. Let me tell you about another man, though. He wanted a garden. He didn't have his heart set on a garden that looked a particular way; he just loved growing things and fresh food and being useful. So he collected any kind of seeds from anything he liked to eat and he tried very hard to give each thing his tender, loving care. He tried to give each kind of plant the room it needed and the food and water that suited it best.

He was willing to let each thing grow to be the healthiest version of itself, And while his neighbor was crying and tearing his hair out at the love and sacrifice he had lavished on radishes that refused to become watermelons, this man had a bounteous garden, full of variety and flavor and vigor.

Do you ever catch yourself feeling embittered, angry, resentful over all the love and attention you have bestowed upon someone you love, only to find that they will not do what you expect? You do all these many things to show your love and they do not....what? Praise your efforts? Become different? Love you back?

Could it be that your radish seeds are not turning into watermelons?

Maybe it would be better to give love and encouragement and support, without expectations for a specific return on that investment. Just throw your efforts of love into the garden of your life and see what grows. And if you get radishes, you may discover that radishes can be delicious, too.

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