To Be Better

Working in customer service, and directly with the public, for so many years taught me a lot of things and most of them were good things. Only recently did I come to realize that those years also put a serious tarnish on my compassion. I need to work on getting my compassion back in glowing condition.

I need to cuss less. It is important to me that profanity is used in a descriptively appropriate way. If I drop an F-bomb, it should be necessary to the point I am making.

I want to be more active in my community. I work 15-20 fewer hours a week now, and I want to use some of that time to give something.

We are going to eat better, in that we will be growing more of our own food than we have done in the last few years. Until we can get that garden going, I'll be hitting the local farmer's markets and participating in Bountiful Baskets. Saturday's basket was great! Plums, two beautiful cantaloupes, onions, baby romain, spaghetti squash, zucchini, green onions, bananas and some other stuff I can't recall right now. Check out Bountiful Baskets and see if there is a co-op in your area.

More writing. More writing!!! Finish that book! Post more regularly. Yes. I want to write more. I NEED to write more.

Speaking of that, I want to start a blog with my sweet hubs: a blog about this Montana adventure. I want it to include photos of his many projects and chores, the wildlife in our yard, the garden, the dogs, and my kitchen adventures. Maybe include some bits on local life, such as that farmer's market. Sweet Hubs writes very well, in addition to all of his other talents, and I think you'd love to read him. Now, if I can only talk him into it. :-)

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