Timelessness. Beauty. Class. Grace. Some people have it.

One of my cherished clients has it. That warm, interested and engaging light in her eyes, a spark of humor in them always.

I have a friend who makes me feel valued and treasured every day. She adds grace and beauty to my life.

There is a quality in some people that surpasses time, place, education and finances. It gives them an air of timelessness. Like they would be a beloved person anywhere, at any point in history.

My own Grandmother had that, too. She had a compassionate, witty, good-bearted wisdom. She was welcome everywhere, loved by everyone and her opinion was always sought...and valued.

When I think of beautiful people, I don't think of pageant queens and lingerie models. I think of real people. People with kindness, people with a sense of humor and good grace. People with a generous heart and tactful filter on their speech. Insightful, cheerful people. I think of people with the qualities that give them timelessness and grace.

What I See--Alita

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