1,000 Words

Is it true? Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Here is a picture I cherish. This was taken nearly 20 years ago: my sister and my youngest son.

Here's what I love about it:

Isn't my baby beautiful? Even at a few days old, he scrunched up his face like that when he was kissed. It was so damn cute. Look at that miniscule hand and the feathery eyebrows.

Isn't my sister beautiful? I love the tenderness in her gesture. She only just met this sweet, tiny little person and loved him instantly. The light shining on her fair hair is gorgeous and the blush of her cheek is so fetching. She always has been a beauty, and not just because she looks the way she does.

It's only a fleeting moment in the whirlwind of a child. He was new and fresh and smelled so wonderful, wrapped safely in the arms of one of the few people on earth who would love him always, no matter what: his Auntie.

Sisters are treasures. Have you hugged your sister today?

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