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You know I love to watch people. It's better than any nature show on PBS, IMHO, because people are so surprising. I'm always so interested in the things that people do! That interest reached a new level of amusement and amazement the other day. I stumbled across fiverr.com. Be warned. You can lose an entire morning, your coffee will get cold and you'll still be sitting there in your pajamas, laughing. It is a website where people post the things they are willing to do for five dollars. Seriously.

Break up with your girlfriend for you. BE your girlfriend on facebook for a couple of weeks. Write your message on their body and send you a picture of it. (No, I don't mean they'll write it on their forearm, either.) They will photoshop a picture for you or do other feats of technological wonder.

I'm intrigued! "Dude. I'll pay you five bucks to call my girlfriend and tell her I'm through with her." I am so curious how much money the breakers are making doing that. And I'm curious what the girlfriend thinks when she gets a call from some guy in another part of the country (or world), telling her, "Hey, your boyfriend is done with you, but he's such a chickensh!t he paid me five bucks to tell you so."

Lots of girls will send pictures of their attributes to you five bucks. Other people will be your reference on a job application. I'd have to wonder, if I interviewed you. Your last jobs were all here in town, but the reference is from a guy in Bangladesh? Huh.

There are interesting listings that are less scuzzy, too. One lady will send you a video of your message, in sign. Cool. They will turn your message into a little rap song. Or  write your message in calligraphy or Chinese or Cyrillic? Although, cynic that I am, how would I know? I think about that with tattoos. If I had a Chinese character inked into my skin that I thought said "Balance", and really said "Dumbass"? I mean, really. If I could write Chinese and people wanted messages, it might be awfully fun to mess with them. Wouldn't you be tempted? I would.

The ones who will be your facebook GF for a few weeks? That was interesting, too. They all looked pretty darn hot in the thumbnail next to their listing.  Is facebook the new way to play headgames with your GF? Are those pictures even the actual girl? You probably pay her five bucks, thinking she looks like Carrie Underwood, but when she posts the picture as your GF, she really looks like Fiona in her ogre phase.

I have to admire the creativity and courage of the people who are doing these things. I don't know if they actually make any money at it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do. That isn't to say I am convinced of their wisdom or their honor.

While we're at it, did you ever stumble across the listings on ebay where women are selling their worn socks, pantyhose or high heels? I had no idea there was such a ... such a.... such a.... demand for those kinds of things. I must really be ignorant.

Or at least, I was.

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  1. I love fiverr except for the guy who claimed he could design a blog button for 5 bucks. Clip art. Why not just say I will send you some clip art for five bucks?

  2. I always think the same thing about the Chinese tattoo's!

  3. That site sounds worth checking out, for sure. And I feel like if you're afraid of the Chinese symbols, shouldn't you be leery of the sign language lady, too? She probably LOOKS all sweet and innocent and helpful. And then the tape stops rolling and she laughs her ass off.

  4. I showed my class a bit once on people selling their bodies for tatoos... One pregnant woman walked around a casino with a tattoo ad on her BIG belly, announcing the big fight coming up. UM, no thanks.

  5. I've never heard of this site! Totally sounds like a place I'd get sucked into :P And yick about selling (or buying for that matter) used pantyhose! That's almost like buying someone else's skin. Yick.

  6. I'll pay $5 for someone to come to my house, do my laundry, fold it, and put it away! Any takers??


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