My Prayers

I remember asking my Dad how he could say that God always answers our prayers, when I knew for sure that I had prayed for things that I did not get. Dad said, "God always answers our prayers. But sometimes, the answer is 'No'." A-ha.

My prayer today is for guidance. You know my heart's desire. You know what is best for us. Is that a sign You sent to us? Is that Your message to me to take a step forward? Are You telling me that I'm stuck in a holding pattern, afraid of that future unknown? Could I have just a little more of a hint from You?

You know, Father, that I cherish my marriage and my children above all things. Keep them safe for me. Help my oldest son in his current quandary and protect his heart. Help my youngest son achieve his potential. Whatever that is.

Help me reach my potential, too!


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