My Oldest

Oh, my oldest boy. He was an angel baby. Sweet. Smiling. As cool as the center seed in a cucumber. He woke up smiling, he fell asleep smiling. He loved his Daddy and his Grandpa and he liked everybody. He talked early and was completing sentences well before he was two. He was the sweetest little guy.

If all babies were like him, we'd all have dozens. He was that sweet. He seldom cried, and when he did he had good reason. He made me feel like the most amazing Mom.

Then he started to grow up. At twelve, he became the grumpiest person on the planet. ("That's just silly. Have you met everyone on the planet?" Name that movie.) He was seriously The Grouch. Oh. My. Goodness. I wanted to pinch his head off about half the time from his age 12 through 18.

He came home from 5 years in the army recently. And guess who is back? He smiles. He's sweet. He's relaxed and happy to be wherever he is at the moment. The grump is gone and here again is a charming person who wins you with his smile and warm heart.

It comes full circle.

And once again. God works in mysterious ways.

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