Sweet Hubs and I were at a fundraiser some years ago. It was very crowded, people milling about everywhere. Later on, we were chatting about the evening and realized that, even in that crowd, we had both noticed the same woman.

She was beautiful.

She was probably just over sixty years old. Very short gun-metal gray hair. She was fairly petite, with smooth skin, a bit of a tan, makeup done to perfection. GORGEOUS smile, she was dressed like a woman with confidence and class.

She was so put together, she made the rest of us look like old house fraus.

And yet, there wasn't any one thing that made this lovely woman such a stunner, except maybe her smile. She had an overall air about her that made you notice her....and like her immediately. She looked like a woman who was witty and fun and kind and intelligent and spunky and wise and all-around amazing. She carried herself like a woman completely in charge of her life.

Did you hear me? She was somewhere around sixty. She may have been the most beautiful human being I have ever seen (after my own darling men, of course). She just exuded a sense of amazingness that drew your eyes to her again and again. With all that awesome wow going on, she still behaved as if she was unaware of how damn lovely she was. She was just walked around, supremely comfortable being her.

That right there might be why she was so breathtaking.

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