I was stopped at a red light, waiting to turn north onto the main highway.  WHIZZZZ a yellow hot rod vroomed on by, dark tinted windows and just the very top of a golden blonde head visible in the open sun roof (passenger side).  "Wow" I thought.  "That must be some hot guy and his hot girlfriend, roaring through town in their hot ride!"

So the light turned green, I made my turn and up ahead, I see the same car just taking off from another light, and turning into Burger King.  I rubber-necked as I drove by, curious about who the jetsetters were in the Vette.  The door flew open with a purpose.....  and out came the walker.  Somebody's 90-year-old Grandma wrapped her poor crooked hands around that walker, hooked her hand-crocheted purse on the hook and worked like crazy to stand up.  Grandma's golden retriever was sitting in the passenger seat, and Grandma was hobbling in to the BK to have a fish sandwich or something.

That's what I get for jumping to conclusions.


What I See--Alita

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