A Day At The Office

This is dangerous ground, but I'm feeling adventurous.  I'm going to share with you some of what I love and don't love about my workplace.  I know, right!??  Risky stuff, since everyone I work with AND FOR has this web address.  I hope you all still love me in the morning.

  • I like those soft mints in the candy dish at the reception counter.
  • I don't love the sound of a typewriter.  It's like gunfire in our quiet office!
  • I love the fast internet connection.  I am not a patient person.
  • I don't love the sound of sirens going by.  They always worry me and distract me.  I make a quick mental inventory of where everyone I care about might be right at that moment.
  • I don't like the smell of onions in the kitchen trash.  Especially when those onions were pulled off a sandwich on Monday and I'm smelling them on Friday.  OK.  I'm sensitive to smells. :-)
  • I love how comfortable we all are with each other.  We know each other's "don't go there" subjects, mostly, and what will always make another smile.  And we can talk about pretty much anything.
  • I love it that we all have a lot of autonomy. 
  • I like the smell of french fries, coming from Wendy's next door.
  • I love the angle of sunlight as it plays across my office wall.  God's clock, even if I'm not much of a clock-watcher.
  • Chocolate has been flowing as freely as water around here lately.  LOVE that!
  • One of us clears his throat a lot.  You'll have to figure it out for yourself whether I like this.
  • There are a jillion tiny lizards outside the back door.  Some of them are not as big as a quarter.  This is very cool.
  • I don't have to cross the crazy-busy highway to get home.  Love that, too.
  • I love the smell of fruit that comes from my neighbor's office.  She snacks healthy. 
  • I love the smell of the tortilla chips in my office.  I don't snack so healthy.
  • Everything is new and fresh and clean.  I almost hate to eat at my desk because I worry about crumbs.  Notice I said "almost"?
  • Bits of paper on the dark carpet drive me crazy.
  • We have quite a few snails around the front entrance.  Snails are just disgusting.  Tiny snot-monsters, that's all they are.  At least they're not squirrels.

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