Guessing Games

I like to play a guessing game at the supermarket. Maybe you do this, too.  Not only is the supermarket a place for some very good people-watching, I like trying to figure people out by the groceries in their cart.

Here are a few of the people I saw yesterday:

One tired-looking woman (it was only 10 am) with six boys in scout uniforms.  She had a cart full of hot dogs, buns, juice drinks, that popcorn that comes in a foil pan, graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows.  And one large bottle of Mudslide.  That makes me think she doesn't have to GO on the camping trip.  What do you think?

One young woman, with one young baby, pushing one of the fullest carts I've ever seen.  Seriously.  That cart was at least as full as the carts I used to load up (sigh) when I had two teenage boys at home.  Either the rest of the kids are home with Dad, or they live way out of town...or both.  Any other ideas?

One guy.  Long-ish dark hair, dressed a little artsy-fartsy, like maybe he used to play in a band in the 80s and hasn't quite recovered.  His cart was full of organic frozen entrees, some fruit, few veggies lots of healthy crunchy snacks and 3 kinds of "craft" beer.  He had a box of the cheapest laundry soap on earth, no fabric softener and a bottle of Windex.  And one, count them, ONE roll of toilet paper.  This disturbs me.

One young guy, maybe 20 years old.  His cart contained ramen soup, macaroni and cheese (the buck-a-box kind) and a gallon of milk.  I looked twice, but it was not my youngest son.  

There was one elderly gentleman.  He was wearing a faded blue plaid button-down shirt that was so worn you could almost see his skin.  His cart contained 3 jars of that dried chipped-beef, a butt-load of bologna, pickles, canned biscuits, ginger snaps, pudding cups, milk and beer.  Mickey's Big Mouth, to be exact.

I also saw an elderly lady.  She had cheese and crackers, some frozen veggies, cookies, cat food, a small can of coffee and a crossword puzzle book.  I wanted to grab her cart and drag her over to meet the old man.

They were memorable little snapshots into the lives of those people.  And in the interest of fairness, here is what was in my cart:  (I'll group them for easy perusal,you're welcome to make your guesses about my life!)
  • paper towels, a 12-pack of t.p., dish soap, 2 bottles of bathroom cleaner, lavender-scented Mr. Clean and fabric softener also in lavender
  • Dove sensitive skin soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, clarifying shampoo
  • an eggplant, cantaloupe, a bunch of leeks, 2 red peppers
  • sugar, canola oil,
  • Cheez-it snack mix
  • Peach-mango juice, ice tea bags, a big can of coffee
  • 2 cans of Herdez salsa verde
  • A bottle of TGIFriday's Orange Dream and a bottle of Moscato.
To be fair, you must consider this was a very light shopping trip for me.  Just filling in the gaps in the pantry.

What do you think my cart says about my life?


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