Well, I Never!!!

I feel SOOooOOO left out!  Am I the only woman in America who hasn't slept with Jesse James OR Tiger Woods? 

There are so many things I have never done, besides sleeping with someone famous.  I won't even talk about all the extraordinary things I've never done;  that list would be too long for reality blogging.  There are so many ordinary things I haven't done!  Many of these are things I would never do, anyway, but thinking over the list is making me feel like I've lived a pretty sheltered life.

I've never been water skiing.  (I can't swim.)
I've never been snow skiing.
I've never had a martini.
I've never karaoked.
I've never had sushi.
I've never played golf. 
I've never played the cello.  Or the violin.  Or the trombone.  Or the...... this could go on all day.
I've never let a cat in my house.
I've never had a daughter.
I've never put salt on watermelon.
I've never eaten a hot dog with ketchup on it.
I've never shot a shotgun, or a bow, either.
I've never taken a geometry class.
I've never done a cartwheel.
I've never been to the county fair.  I can't explain this one.  You would think a country girl like me would have not only BEEN to the fair, but had an entry or two?
I've been to the state fair, but I never went on the ferris wheel.  And never will, if I can help it.
I've never had a funnel cake, fried ice cream, a fried snickers bar.... 

I think I need to get out more.


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