Hidden Talents

Here's something you might not know about me:  I'm pretty good at figuring out accents.  I can usually understand someone with a heavy accent, and I can usually identify their accent.  Growing up in a family of people with accents is probably the reason for this ability, but I can't prove it.

One day, in my former life at the plumbing-supply store, a group of landscapers came in.  One of them asked the counter guy for a Border Collie.  Yes, that's what counter guy heard.  They went back and forth a little while: counter guys says, "A Border Collie???", landscaper says, "No. A Border Collie."  "A Border Collie?"  "NO!  A BORDER COLLIE!"

Finally, in frustration, counter guy calls me in from the office (where I was sitting this whole time chuckling quietly) and asks me to help.

"How can I help you?" I ask.
"I need a Border Collie" says the landscaper.
"100 feet or 300 feet?"
"Just one."

So I turned to counter guy and said, "Could you do a ticket for a hundred-foot roll of poly?"  And I went and got it.


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