You Might Not Know...

Just for fun, I thought I'd post some things you might not know about me. 
  1. I miss being able to drink chocolate milk.  Being lactose-intolerant...I can live without cheese pizza and ice cream, but I sure do miss chocolate milk.
  2. I am the youngest grandchild on my paternal side. 
  3. My first car was an olive green Plymouth Volare station wagon.  I know, huh? I recovered from that unfortunate beginning with the help of minimal therapy and more horsepower.
  4. My mother sometimes forgets my name.  I think this is because I am the youngest.  But I can't prove it.  And no, it isn't her old age...she's been doing that for... always.
  5. Red licorice is gross.
  6. I have two middle names.
  7. I was rejected for kindergarten.  That's right.  They wouldn't take me.  I had to wait a year and start with first grade.  I still feel cheated.  And I never learned how to share.
  8. The first pet of my own I ever had was a yellow parakeet I named "Buttercup".
  9. I shot a bison.  And ate it, too.  It only took me a moment to shoot it, but it sure takes a long time to eat one.
  10. My Dad used to take me fishing. 
  11. My husband used to take me fishing.  Do you see a trend forming here? 
  12. I have moved or been moved 11 times in my life.
  13. I was fired from my very first job, as a typesetter at the local newspaper.
  14. I was a stay-at-home mom for almost 10 years.
  15. I don't know how to swim.  Or ski, or play tennis, or golf, or rollerskate, or play volleyball or....
  16. My hair color is natural.  Nobody would choose this color on their own, I promise.
  17. I weigh more now than I ever have, except for when I was pregnant.
  18. Dogs belong to the order Canidae and the platypus belongs to the order Monotremata. 
  19. My car is pretty fast.
  20. I make amazing chicken tetrazzini, but my chili will kill you.  Or at least, wound you.
  21. My ancestry includes Dutch, Belgian, German and French.  75% Dutch and the other quarter is a little bit of the rest of those.  I guess it is only natural that I like Dutch chocolate, Belgian endive, German bratwurst and French wine?
  22. I am still a little bit afraid of dogs.
  23. I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner 21 times.  In a few weeks, it will be 22.
  24. When I was about ten, I accidentally found my Christmas presents where Mom had hidden them.  It RUINED Christmas for me.  It really was an accident, but I've never forgotten it.  I never try to find out what a gift is ahead of time now.
  25. I miss my Dad and my Grandmas.

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