So There!

Alright, my dear friend!  If you can steal my ideas, I'll just steal yours right back! :-)

So this is stuff you might not know about me, Part II--What I Like (in no specific order):.
  1. Having coffee with my sweet hubs on the porch on a Sunday morning.
  2. Fried green tomatoes.  I can eat myself sick on them.
  3. "Lonesome Dove"--the book and the mini-series.  I also love the rest of the Call and McCrae books by Larry McMurtry.
  4. Roasting green chilis on the barbecue.  When we had a big garden, it was one of my joys to pick a mess of chilis, light the barbie, turn on some good bluegrass and pour myself a glass of wine.  We had a gorgeous barbecue gazebo and it was a gorgeous place to just enjoy a simple moment.
  5. The satisfaction of visible result:  a beautiful loaf of homemade bread; a skirt that I made myself; the arrangement of pine cones and fall leaves and pumpkins that sits on my kitchen island right now.  I work at a job that yields no visible evidence of how hard I work.  It's a pleasure to do something that I can see and touch.
  6. The way that my willful, opinionated dog gets into a game of fetch. 
  7. A really good, tree-ripened nectarine.
  8. A little time to myself.  Which is only special because it's the exception.  So, no, I wouldn't trade away the sweet hubs, the towering teenager and the ornery dog for full-time solitude.
  9. The furniture and other things my hubs makes in his spare time.  He's an artist in wood and antler.
  10. The way it felt when I had a couple of my essays published.  I really need to get back on that.
  11. My dearest Aunt Francine.  She is a ray of sunshine in my life.
  12. A song from your past that brings up all the good feelings that were once associated with it.
  13. Being able to go barefoot all weekend.
  14. Good hair days.
  15. Trying something new and succeeding at it.
  16. Being needed.  Making a positive contribution to my home, my workplace, my community and my world.
  17. Happy memories and funny memories of loved ones who are gone.
  18. Old black and white photos of my ancestors.  I have one of my great-grandparents with my grandpa as a three year old, taken circa 1893.  Very cool.
  19. The way our little town smells on cool mornings:  pine trees and wood smoke.
  20. Sunsets.

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