I can say it. I was wrong.

I had a lot of misconceptions.  Really, I did.  I probably still do, but I haven't been smacked upside the head with any corrections lately.  So I'll share with you some of the things I was wrong about.
  • I like salt.  I thought you really couldn't over-salt things.  Well, you can.  I can even get things too salty for MY taste.  When my dinner guests fall on the floor and twitch like a dying beetle....?  I over-salted the dish.
  • I never paid much mind to the instructions on the sticker on a glass baking dish.  Certainly, not enough to remember those instructions for always.  At the expense of a pork tenderloin, I realized I was wrong to not remember the instructions.  You CAN get the oven too hot for those glass pans.
  • Mischievous is NOT pronounced miss-CHEEVE-ee-yous.  I said it that way for years.  Duh.
  • Is it feed a cold and starve a fever?  Or starve a cold and feed a fever?  Either one is wrong.  Now I think the answer is to eat if you can keep it down. 
  • 29 years ago, I did not attend the wedding of a dear friend.  It was her second marriage and my ultra-conservative dad forbad me from going for religious reasons.  Yvette?  Where ever you are...I was wrong.  This was one instance when I should have defied my father and followed my own conscience.  I'm as sorry as I can be.
  • When my youngest son had a mean, evil, mentally unbalanced teacher, I told him he had to stick it out.  He had to learn how to get along with all sorts of people in this life.  I was wrong.  I should have yanked him out of her class, told her to her face why, and found him a sane teacher.   It was only first grade.  That lesson could have waited for another day.
  • Contrary to what I would like to think, and what I did at one time believe, I can not carry a tune.  Not even with a bucket.
  • Yes, I CAN drive at Sky Harbor Airport!  I was wrong.  It scares me to pieces, but I can do it.
  • Momma always told me that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  I believed her and adopted that theory for my own.  I was wrong.  The way to a man's heart is a lot further south than his heart.
  • I was wrong.  Men don't necessarily like high-maintenance women.  Oh, sure, they like to look at them, but that doesn't mean they want to keep one forever.  So I was wrong.  Men want real woman, with real curves, an actual appetite, the ability to laugh at themselves and ...  um.....  well.... see my previous comment.
  • Watching my parents, as I was growing up, I thought I knew what love looked like.  I was wrong.  It's different for everyone.  My sweet hubs doesn't demonstrate his love for me in the same way (HEY!!  This is a new topic here, so forget the previous two entries for a second!!) that my Dad showed Mom that he cared.  My husband is a quiet man of action.  (OK, maybe it's not so far from that topic...).  I kept expecting him to show me he loved me by bringing me flowers or taking me to fancy restaurants.  I was wrong.  He shows me in ways that suit me and him.
  • Years ago, I thought my biggest flaws were my bumpy nose, oily skin and disappointing hair.  I was wrong.  My biggest flaws are my big mouth and my lazy bottom.  But I'm working on those.  I can live with the flaw of my mathematical ineptitude.  Maybe being able to live with that is another flaw, too, but I might be getting myself into an unending trap.

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