My neighbor was walking his daughters to school today. The youngest girl held Daddy's hand. Her blonde hair pulled up into pigtails high on her head and she skipped along. Have you ever seen a child walking along holding a helium balloon: the way it bounces and boings within its confines? That was little pigtail girl. She was an adorable balloon bouncing on the end of Daddy's arm.

There is something especially cute about a girl in pigtails, isn't there? I suppose I'm susceptible to that because I have sons, and they don't look so cute in pigtails.

Their older daughter was reading as she walked along. I guess she is past the years of skipping. Her pretty blonde hair was brushed into a smooth ponytail: far more dignified. She is very stylish in a cute skirt and flats and already very "put together". The two girls are only a few years apart, but what a difference a few years makes in the growing of child.

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