I Love.....

The smell of onions when you saute them in butter.

The way my high TC sheets feel in the early morning...soft, warm, like a caress from my bed.

Lavendar soap.

The words, "Hi, Mom."

Roasting whole, fresh green chilis on the barbecue.

Bluegrass music.


Cooking dinner with good friends.

The angle of the autumn sunlight. It's so full of promise!

When the sun is low in the late afternoon, I close the shade in the dining room. And when the hummingbirds come to visit the feeder, there is a shadow play on the shade for me to watch while I cook. Should probably watch the cooking instead, but what can I say?

The curve of my hub's biceps.... yummy!

Watching my old blue dog try to cram a ball too big through the balusters so that I'll throw it for her.


Puppy breath.

A great book.

A good joke.

The smell of a clean baby.


Empty hampers. Completely empty. It's a very ephemeral thing so I have to look quick to enjoy it.

So much more. Ever so much more.

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