A Day In The Life

Mondays really bite. But even so, it's a good day.

I woke up this morning, not to the alarm clock which was blaring earlier, but to the sound of my dog having conniption fits outside my window. You see, the sweet Hubs walks her early every morning. Hubs is an early riser anyway, and never a procrastinator, so the old blue dog knows that when the light comes on in the kitchen, a walk is near. She can't contain herself and starts to whine and 'talk' and otherwise remind him she's out there, waiting.

We had the windows open all night, so the room was chilly and fresh, but the bed was warm and cozy and oh-so-comfy. I was good and dragged my butt out of bed and stumbled in to take a shower. It was still cool enough to wear a fuzzy robe this morning, and let me tell you...THAT is exciting. The first time you get to wear a fuzzy, soft robe after the hottest part of summer is a delight.

So, anywho. I slept well. I rose from my bed unaided, feeling well and strong and sleepy. The water heater is working, spitting out hot water just like planned. I didn't nick my legs shaving, and I didn't get soap in my eyes. Sweetened coffee greeted me when I got out of the shower.

My teenage son woke up in a good mood, which is more rare than the Hope Diamond. My car started right up, the garage door worked and I didn't get into an accident on the way to work. So even though Mondays BITE, what do I really have to complain about?

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