Ode to a Mixer

Over 20 years ago, my sweet hubs gave me a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas. Now don't you go making any smart remarks, there, you high-maintenance girls! He got me this amazing thing because he knows me, and he picked perfect. It's the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. If you don't have one, you should shut down your computer and run as fast as you can to your nearest department store. Your life isn't complete without one.

Almost every week during those 20 years of my Kitchenaid-love-affair (hereinafter referred to as my KLA for ease of typing), I've made a batch of bread. Pizza dough to pumpernickel, that baby does more than half the work for me, and cheerfully, too. Once I made a cover for it out of this adorable blue fabric with cows on it, but that didn't last. I use the mixer way too much to cover it.

My KLA is serious enough that I have actually considered packing my mixer when we go to the cabin for a couple of weeks. I haven't done it, but I've considered it. And a KLA is kind of a gateway thing, too. A food processor, a coffeemaker, a blender, a set of knives...yeah, I've got it bad. Now I'm lusting after that red cookware. Hmmmm mmmm baby. If Kitchenaid made cars, I'd be first in line.

I have gotten past the point of gazing lovingly at it, although it's still mighty pretty even 20 years into the KLA. And I have to confess that I have ogled other Kitchenaids in other colors and bigger bowls. Yeah, I know, size isn't supposed to matter, but a big bowl has its merits. But then, if I were to choose a mixer based on its color or bowl-size, is that the same as getting a trophy spouse? Nice to look at, but not a relationship one expects to last? My basic white mixer has been the object of a passionate KLA for all this time, should I even consider a plural KLA? Is that like acting out a fantasy, only to discover it would have been better being left as a fantasy? I've heard this happens, and it frightens me to think I could taint such a beautiful KLA. I need to consider this very seriously. But still, that copper Kitchenaid would look GORGEOUS in my cabin kitchen.

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