News Flash!

Contrary to what you've heard, money does NOT make the world go 'round. Maybe it isn't a dog-eat-dog world out there.

I asked a group of friends, "What would your dream life be?" Not even one of them would be famous or wealthy. Almost everyone would wish for enough money that they were comfortable. No one asked for a mansion in Tahiti, with hot pool boys to fetch and carry for them while they baked bronze in the Polynesian sun.

This is going to stun you...absolutely STUN you: no one wanted to change places with Paris Hilton. In fact no one even mentioned Paris at all, the place OR the phenomena. No one wanted a fancier car, a diamond tiara or a bigger t.v. No one said they wanted to be on Broadway or Wall Street, either one. Every answer I got contained one core idea: we all want the opportunity to slow down, have time with our loved ones and live a little simpler.

It doesn't seem to matter where that dream spot was, the beach, the mountains or just home, everyone wants the most basic joys. Love. Time. Relaxation. A bit of elbow room. The media has it wrong, folks. We don't want to be rich and famous. We want to be loved, loving and comfortable.

There was another recurring theme in the answers I received. We want the opportunity to give of ourselves. We want to care for our families, our communities, the environment and animals. I think I just got a peek into the human heart.

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